The furrowed presidential brow is also a well-groomed one.

So says Michael Gilman, founder of the Grooming Lounge in Washington, DC, who contends that “seven of the past eight US presidential elections have been won by the candidate with the best-groomed eyebrows.” Maddeningly, Mr. Gilman leaves us hanging on the exception. So I took a look:

We can comfortably put ’92 and ’96 in the affirmative for Clinton — along with anything else having to do with vanity. Safe to say Dukakis lost badly in the grooming department, as well, in 1988.


The most stylish senator on the hill, John Kerry, surprisingly sported a bit of a unibrow in ’04.


Ronald Reagan could have used a pluck in ’80 but wins by default since his opponent doesn’t appear to have had eyebrows at all.


Most everything about Walter Mondale was unimpressive compared to Reagan in ’84, including eyebrows.

John McCain and his eyebrows were a combined 213 years-old when they lost to Barack Obama in 2008, though his running mate did make up some ground in the grooming department.

And Mitt’s brows might have just been too damn pretty.


Head over to Kempt for  a closer look at the last eight presidential elections, brow to brow...


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