The 12 Original Playboys of the Jetset Sixties



“Haven’t you ever worked?”, Prince Dado Ruspoli was once asked.

“No,” he responded, “I’ve never had time.”

The 12 Original Playboys gallivanted within the eye of a perfect pleasure storm. They wanted for nothing because they could have seemingly anything – or anyone – thanks to a never-ending stream of old, old money.

But a lot of guys have a lot of dough. It seemed these twelve had something more.  Like an ability to speak a dozen languages fluently. The bravado to race Ferraris with every intention of one day wrapping one around an apple tree. And the possession of manhood that led to twelve-inch pepper grinders being named for them in Parisian restaurants.

Here are the only two Americans who made the list...



WIKIPEDIA ‘His playboy lifestyle was matched by stories of his sexual prowess. His reputedly larger than average penis size inspired Parisian waiters to name gigantic pepper mills “Rubirosas”’.




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