My Dinners with DubyaVanity Fair

When a college drinking buddy invited C. Brian Smith to hang out with her parents, he tried not to sweat the fact that they lived in the White House. He even had fun—until 9/11 made watching bad movies with the president feel like a guilty pleasure America couldn’t afford.


Reversing the Re-write of LGBT HistoryAdvocate magazine  

Jo Becker’s version of the gay marriage story was undone before it was even published.


Porn Panic!” — Advocate Magazine

The recession has dealt knockout blows to the auto and financial industries, and now adult entertainment could be the next to drop to its knees.


Don’t Fence Me InAdvocate Magazine 

I’ve been on exactly one horse in my life: at the town fair when I was 10. (And it was a pony. And walked in a circle.) I am no cowboy.


On Being Gay by the StraitAdvocate Magazine 

Every facet of Spain’s culture seems to be firmly rooted on the Costa del Sol: Picasso isn’t just celebrated in Málaga, he was born here; gazpacho isn’t just served in Andalusía, the recipe was written here; flamenco isn’t just danced in Seville, it was choreographed here; and Hemingway didn’t just write about bullfights in Ronda, streets and children are named after him here.

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