Coffee on the Go(Ogilvy Entertainment) co-creator

A quest for the perfect cup. 


Hangin’ with Old People co-creator, co-host

Best friends hang out with senior citizens to learn how to grow up. 


“Crawford” (associate producer)

What happens when the president of the United States relocates to a town of 701 people?  

“Sunday Knight Productions” (co-founder)

Satirical advertising agency whose “paradigm-shifting” strategies included adding product placement to phone sex, and submitting a controversial “Obama in 30 Seconds” video, featured on 

“Beating Branson to the Moon” (co-creator)

30-minute scripted/reality hybrid in the vein of “Borat” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” which follows Danny Sunday, a self-proclaimed “macro-entrepreneur” in his quest to be the next Richard Branson.

TV REALITY PITCH – Beating Branson

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